Renewable Energy

Exothermic Installations Ltd professionally providing installation and maintenance of all types of renewable energy in the Swindon, Newbury and surrounding areas.

Renewable Energy is a broad term that generally refers to a naturally occurring, replenishable and sustainable, low carbon energy sources. The main types are solar, wind, rain, tidal, and geothermal energy.

Within the scope of renewable energy installations that we undertake - They can be divided into two groups. Either heat or power generating technologies. The most common is Solar energy, where the suns energy is converted into power or electricity in the case of Solar Photo Voltaic or PV or it can be converted directly into heat in the case of Solar Thermal.

Renewable power - Solar or Photo Voltaic

With solar PV, sunlight acts upon crystalline solar cells to produce DC electricity, it is then passed through an inverter to produce more useful AC electricity. It is then either used at source or exported to the electricity grid.

Renewable heat - Solar Thermal

With solar thermal, a collector is heated by sunlight, this heat is then transferred with a pump, usually to a heat store or cylinder via liquid filled pipe work. This heat energy is then used to provide hot water or heating.

Renewable heat - Biomass

Probably the least obvious is plant based Biomass or more specifically to the type we install - woody biomass. As the sunlight and rain energy are converted into the growth of a tree. This absorbs carbon dioxide as it grows and generates oxygen in the process. At the end of the tree life cycle, if it were to decay naturally it would release all its carbon back into the environment. So by burning the tree we are converting it into useful heat energy.

This process releases no more carbon than the tree would naturally release during decay. Provided trees and forests are managed sustainably, we have a never ending supply of energy. One that creates heat, creates oxygen, creates ecosystems and habitats and so helps conservation, helps with re-forestation and re-balances climate change.

Renewable heat - Heat pumps

As for Heat pumps - surprisingly these make use of solar and rain energy (they can also be geothermal). In the case of Air Source Heat pumps - the water in the atmosphere is heated by the sun and it is this heat energy that is used to provide the base renewable energy source for the heat pump.

Ground source and water source also make use of the power of the sun which in turn heats the rain and the earth. The rain forms rivers and lakes or seeps into the ground carrying its heat energy with it, this energy is the base renewable energy source for these two types of heat pumps.

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