Biomass Heating Installation and maintenance

Exothermic Installations Ltd professional installation and maintenance of all types of Biomass heating systems in the Swindon, Newbury and surrounding areas.

Woody Biomass


The term Biomass encompasses many types of organically derived energy. In this particular case we refer to woody biomass in the form of log gasification, wood pellet and wood chip fuels. Wood in all its forms is probably the lowest carbon of all the fuels. When burnt, wood releases the same amount of carbon as it does it it were left to decay naturally.

Wood burning technology has come along way since the days of the log stove. Modern boilers are microprocessor controlled with lambda sensors, weather compensation, ash compactors, automatic feed, automatic ignition etc. They are fully automatic in operation, burn extremely cleanly and require minimal user involvement. They can also be integrated perfectly with other technologies like solar thermal.

Biomass - Log Gasification boilers


Where a large quantity or "batch" of well seasoned logs (typically 20% moisture) are loaded into a boiler and fired. Once fired, it is completely automatic. In the first phase the logs are burned thus heated, giving off gasses which are then secondary burned to give off more heat, as well as cleaner flue emissions. As the logs are burned with such a high degree of control there is little ash remaining. What there is can be spread on the garden as it contains many beneficial trace elements. The heat generated by the batch burn is more than is required. So the heat energy is collected and stored in a buffer or thermal store unit, where it provides hot water and heating as required. The boiler may only need firing every few days, even during the winter months. A tonne of logs cost approximately £80 will provide around 4,100 kWh (depending on wood used) of heat or about 2 pence/kWh. Get in touch today for installation or maintenance of your log gasification boiler.

Biomass - Wood Chip boilers


Semi dry wood chips (typically 30% moisture) are fed from the fuel storage area via an auger to fuel the boiler. Here they are automatically ignited and burned. The boiler modulates or varies its output to suit demand. The heat produced is best stored in a thermal store or buffer unit where it provides hot water and heating as required. Wood chip boilers are normally used for larger installations typically 25kW plus. A tonne of wood chips cost approximately £110 and will provide 3,500 kWh of heat or about 3.1 pence/kWh. Contact us today for installation or maintenance of your wood pellet system.

Biomass heating installation costs

The average domestic Biomass retrofit installation when replacing a traditional boiler installation costs approximately £10,000 - £25,000 installed. Systems in general cost around £1000 per kW output installed up to around 100,000 kW output when economies of scale kick in. With savings of over 50% on running costs and over 90% on carbon emission compared to an old oil boiler. The capital costs of biomass heating installations are reclaimed within a few years. Carbon emissions are massively reduced - to near zero, as Biomass is deemed a carbon neutral fuel. Costs are affected by type and size of boiler and wood fuel chosen, location of equipment and fuel storage, the condition of the existing plumbing, heating and electrical system - which is the biggest variable. They will provide all of the households heat and hot water requirement . This reduces household fuel costs and cuts carbon emissions, saving money and the environment. It can give a property a higher score on its energy performance rating and help achieve a higher level on the code for sustainable homes, usually scoring level 4 on new build properties.

Fully qualified and experienced Biomass Installers

We give a full estimate of performance and running costs with all our quotations. We provide a complete installation and maintenance service from start to finish. We are HETAS registered, experienced Biomass installers as well as Registered Heating Professionals (RHP) and Registered Plumbers (RP) with the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers (CIPHE). We are fully Insured and guarantee all our work, parts and labour for at least 12 months. We are experienced installers and we consult, specify, design, Install and maintain our domestic and light commercial biomass systems to best suit your individual situation and requirements. Please contact us today for more information to see how we can help you with installation or maintenance of your Biomass system.
Biomass Heating systems systems are deemed a "a controlled service" in the building regulations (law) and as such can only be legally fitted by those who are legally competent and registered to be able to certify and notify the installation. For more information on this please visit our Competency page

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