Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

Exothermic Installations Ltd professionally installing and maintaining mechanical ventilation with heat recovery or MVHR in the Swindon, Newbury and surrounding areas.

Seal it tight - Ventilate right! This is the maxim for modern energy efficient homes.


Once a house is fully insulated and triple glazed, the fabric heat losses are minimised. The only method of heat loss is through ventilation. So after all the buildings fabric has been sealed the heat losses or the buildings heat energy requirement is absolutely minimised - with one major problem. Buildings need to breathe, for the health of the building and the occupants. Moisture needs to be prevented and odours need to be removed, but ventilation by its nature removes heat from a building. The solution is Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery. Heat and moisture is generated by cooking, bathing and by the occupants in addition to the heat provided by heat emitters like radiators etc. As the MVHR unit extracts stale air, odours and moisture via vents installed in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms, it simultaneously imports fresh air from outside the building. As it does so it filters the air removing particulates like pollen and dust which is particularly good for people with allergies. It then diverts the fresh cool air through a heat exchanger where the warm extract air is also passed. This recovers the heat from the extracted air and preheats the incoming fresh air. The heat exchange process is not 100% efficient but it is about 80-90% efficient. Put in simple terms it reduces a building ventilation heat loss by about 80/90% which is a significant energy saving. The MVHR units themselves are very low energy consumption, they are completely automatic with manual override, just like a conventional heating control. They can be retrofitted during renovation of properties but particular care is needed to ensure air tightness, without which the MVHR unit is next to useless. It would be like trying to mechanically control ventilation with the windows open!

Installation costs and benefits

The average domestic MVHR retrofit installation costs approximately £3,000-£6,000 installed. Costs are affected by type and size of property and location of equipment and vents. The depth of floor joists or ceiling voids is a major factor for ductwork installation. They will provide all of the households health, comfort, sanitary, cooking and hygiene ventilation requirement. This reduces household fuel costs and cuts carbon emissions, saving money and the environment. It can give a property a higher score on its energy performance rating and help achieve a higher level on the code for sustainable homes. In modern air tight low carbon buildings they are mandatory! We provide a complete installation service from start to finish. As experienced Installers, we take on full responsibility for the specification, design, supply, Installation, set to work, commissioning, handover and maintenance of our MVHR systems. We are fully Insured and guarantee all our work, parts and labour for at least 12 months.


Contact us today to talk to a qualified installer to see how we can help you with your MVHR system.

We strongly recommend an independent SAP survey for your existing property before we undertake installation. This will indicate current energy usage and carbon production. It will provide an energy rating and highlight the most cost effective energy saving improvements. It can also demonstrate the likely energy and carbon savings made by those improvements.

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