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There are mainly 3 types of solar PV panel; Polycrystalline, Monocrystalline and Hybrid.

They are made from wafer thin silicone cells, that when exposed to daylight give an electrical DC charge.


Polycrystalline cells are made from many small silicone crystals. Monocrystalline cells are made from a single piece of silicone and have a black appearance . Hybrid cells are made from silicone, thin film cells and other compounds and have a generally black appearance. The silicone cells are connected together and arranged to form collector modules or panels. Doing this gives modules different outputs, efficiencys and appearances. The panels are then linked together to form an array.


Hybrid is more effective than mono - and mono is more effective than poly, per given collector area. This is reflected in the price per panel. The more effective hybrid needs less m2 per kW output. Put simply if you covered a roof in hybrid panels it would give a larger output then the same roof covered in mono or Polycrystalline panels, but it would cost considerably more. It must be said that the cheapest option isn't always the best option! Most often the system chosen is restricted by budget and available roof area in line with customer requirements.


With any PV array the DC power produced by the array is first linked to a DC isolator for safety. It then goes through an inverter to convert DC to usable AC voltage, then through an AC Isolator. It is then connected to a meter to measure energy produced. If you are using electricity it will use what your panel array is producing first, and import the rest from the grid as required. If you are producing more than you are currently using, it exports energy back to the grid. The average domestic installation is about 2.5kWp in output and costs approximately £2,000 per kilowatt installed. Costs are affected by type and quality of panels and inverter and mounting system and also the size of array chosen. The location of panels and the condition of the existing roof and the PV array and controls product quality are normally the biggest variables. You get what you pay for!


They will provide a good portion of the households power requirement. This reduces household fuel costs and cuts carbon emissions, saving money and the environment. It can give a property a higher score on its energy performance rating and help achieve a higher level on the code for sustainable homes.

Saving and benefits of a PV system

As recent inflation averages about 3% per annum and current fuel costs are increasing at about 10% per annum, the payback time can only get better and the savings made and the Return On Investment can only get better too. We are not financial advisors, but to us, this just makes sense. Remember - Investing in a Solar PV system is a 25+ year investment. The best advice we can give is to buy the best you can afford. Quality doesn't cost - It pays!
The forgotten part is the annual Carbon saving of made by self generation of approximately (based on a 4kWp system)

3372.80 kWh x 0.521kg CO2/kWh = 1,757kg of CO2 reduction per annum

Further yield increases, carbon savings and financial benefits can be achieved by upgrading the system specification and including things like individual panel optimisation and monitoring. Or better still, battery storage of unused energy produced during the day for usage at night. Maybe even charge up your electric vehicle! Contact us for further information. We provide a full estimate of performance with all our quotations.

Experienced PV installers

We provide a complete installation and maintenenace service from start to finish, as experienced Solar PV installers, we take on full responsibility for the specification, design, supply, Installation, set to work, commissioning, handover and maintenance of Solar PV systems to best suit your individual situation and requirements. We are fully Insured and guarantee all our work, parts and labour for at least 12 months.

Contact us today to see how we can help you with your Solar PV system.

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